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London Teacher Training College TESOL diploma certificate
TESOL full name is "Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages" abbreviation, the Chinese translation is "foreign English teaching", which transliteration as "special master". English teaching can be divided into two groups according to their mother tongue: English is the mother tongue (such as the Americans, the British, Canadians) and English non-native speakers (such as the South American, Chinese, French). Buy TESOL certificate, buy fake TESOL diploma. how to make TESOL certificate. where to buy TESOL cert? TESOL teaching The object is the second group because it is "external", so TESOL teaching methods in particular taking into account the learner's mother tongue and cultural background.Chinese teaching analogy, to a child growing up in China to teach Chinese and to a grown up in the United States Of the children to teach Chinese, buy a degree, buy fake degree in UK. teaching methods will certainly not the same. In particular, the subject of TESOL is "English teaching" rather than "English." buy UK degree, buy British degree, buy England degree, buy a UK degree, buy a British degree, People who have obtained "foreign language" or "foreign language" do not necessarily have the conditions of English teaching. "English teaching" is a professional , Has its special knowledge, special qualification requirements.

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