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buy Teaching English as a Foreign Language(TEFL)Certificate
Currently in China, TEFL certification training and certificate issued mainly for foreign language teachers, by the China National Bureau of Foreign Affairs responsible for carrying out. By the Shanghai Education and Education School issued. Tefl training main teaching content includes: classroom-based language learning and teaching research, language teaching in the test and evaluation, buy TEFL certificate, how to buy TEFL certificate. where to buy TEFL diploma? English foreign language teaching method, the second language acquisition theory and practice and computer-aided teaching. TEFL is taught English as a Foreign Language (English as a foreign language teaching), how to make degree? how to make diploma? TESOL refers to Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages ​​(Professor of non-English speaking English). In general, TESOL certificate covers the TEFL certificate of learning content, in the global recognition and authority is also the highest. At present, domestic colleges and universities and a little bit of professional English training center recruiting foreign teachers will require a TESOL certificate, while TESOL certificate is also foreign teachers for foreign experts card heavyweight weight. buy a degree. buy a diploma. TEFL usually refers to non-English speaking non-native speakers of non-native speakers of English; and TESOL usually refers to those who immigrate to English-speaking countries, non-native speakers of English learning English.

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