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Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2020, Athabasca University (AU) has a long history of being a leader and innovator in distributed learning. Today, AU is one of the world’s fastest growing digital education institutions, serving over 40,000 students worldwide. AU offers more than 900 courses at the undergraduate, graduate, diploma, and certificate program level in addition to online professional development. Disciplines include arts, business, health, education, and science. How to ordder a fake Athabasca University degree, buy replica Athabasca University diploma, order a phony Athabasca University certificate, buy fake Canada certificate.
To remove barriers for students, AU offers continuous enrolment; most courses start the first of every month and anyone 16 years or older, regardless of previous educational experience, can take AU courses. Textbooks, e-texts, and internet-based courses are provided, along with academic support — whether it is from a tutor or one of the student support centres. Although students may be studying independently, at AU, they are not left on their own.
On average, undergraduates are 29 years old and graduate students are 38 years old. Nearly three-quarters of students work while they study and nearly two-thirds of graduates are the first in their family to graduate from university. Students can study from anywhere, anytime, and AU serves learners from every province and territory. Studying online does require discipline, but it is perfect for those who are looking for a flexible, open pathway for their educational journey.

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