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The National University of Ireland Galway (NUI Galway) is located near the city of Galway on the western coast of Ireland and was founded in 1845. More than 18,000 students are currently enrolled, over 3,000 of which are international, and NUI Galway is ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide. Where to order a fake universitas hiberniae nationalis diploma, buy National University of Ireland Galway degree, get fake NUI Galway certificate, get fake Ireland certificate, 制作爱尔兰国立大学证书.
The University is well known for programmes in computer science, English language and literature, history, pharmacy, pharmacology, and law, all of which are listed in the QS World Rankings by Subject. The University is a member of the Coimbra group of long-established European universities and has a number of partnerships with other global universities as well.
NUI is a leading university in Ireland for research and academic excellence. The Insight Centre for Data Analytics at NUI is the leading data analytics research centre in Ireland, while its Health Promotion Research Centre is recognised by the World Health Organisation and CURAM. The Centre for Medical Device Research is the number one research institute of its kind in Ireland. NUI Galway has over 50 undergraduate and 400 postgraduate courses available to choose from.
Corrib Village is NUI Galway’s main on-campus accommodation, with seven other sites off-campus but within a short walk. The NUI Galway Accommodation Office can help you in your search for a place to live. Lodgings are also available in and around the city with local residents. Self-catered apartment residences with shared kitchen and living space provide a cheaper option. It is preferable to book residences soon after the receipt of the admission offer as the popular ones are taken up quickly.

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